How GVA works

Global Virtual Assistant enables companies, particular SMEs, based in any part of the world to outsource merely about any office work, irrespective of the field or profession. GVA helps these companies hire a full time dedicated virtual employee who works for them exclusively from our well-equipped office. GE Solucions have broken fresh ground in what was generally perceived as the traditional form of outsourcing. As a result, our virtual assistants can now work for client remotely to handle work that earlier was not considered suitable for outsourcing at all. Now you can outsource jobs across the spectrum – from highly technical processes to back office jobs. Among the most frequently outsourced domains are online marketing of your product, research work, graphics design, website design, eCommerce management, video editing, data entry, book keeping, content writing etc.

Psst! We’re not limited to Virtual assistance. Check out our other premium services we are best known for, like: Web design and development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and E-commerce online store development.

The Dedicated Employee Model

Assigning work to our virtual assistant is just like hiring a local employee in your country. This is a direct single client single employee model where there is close interaction and online collaboration between them regarding work, deadlines, and attainable targets. Here is how it works:

In short, you exercise the same level of control over a virtual employee as you would over an in-house employee, with the only difference that your virtual employee works remotely from our office.

The Best Part

The best part of a dedicated virtual employee is that it does not feel like outsourcing! Collaboration with your GVA is easy, communication is smooth, and scaling up or down the size of the project (or team) is a breeze. A pre-organized office, with all the essentials of a fulltime employee, superior technology, latest hardware and software.

Virtual Assistance

Admin tasks tend to eat up most of your time. Your virtual administrative assistant can help you organize meetings, manage contacts, or respond on your behalf.

If you're an entrepreneur or business manager, chances are - you're very busy! Outsource your virtual assistant services like purchases, emails, and meetings.

Focus on the bigger picture and have us handle your customer support tasks like email queries, tech support and live chat.

Having a business profile in platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, gives your company a greater edge in the digital market. We can engage your fans and make posts for you every day!

As graphic designing requires precise edging, shaping and designing - our highly professional virtual assistants provide you with the most keen and uniquely framed designs.

With everyone vying for more and more professional presentation globally, there has to be an element to set you apart from the rest - us!

Our initially professional and dedicated virtual assistant will post your required property ads to online portals like: Zillow, Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, and other similar sites.

Comparatively to a personal assistant, whenever your business grips its growth and requires more and efficient executive level assistant, there we help you by providing you with our much experienced executive assistant.

Fundamentally, a sales assistant person is one who looks after a company's all thick & thin sales and records. So when you require a sales assistant with proficient skills, we supply you an experienced sales person who not only manages your sales tasks, but also provides you with future revenue generating strategies.

With requirement of full skill set of accounting related tasks, you also require that particular task to be carried out with the most precise and accurate results. So if you need help with accounting or bookkeeping in your business, a virtual bookkeeping assistant will be the perfect solution.

When you hire a virtual assistant pertaining to marketing services, we certainly provide you with an experienced Marketing Virtual Assistant who makes plans to maximize your sale scale and innovates the strategies that are being applied to market your product and services.

Managing a database could be very time intensive. Editing, adding, and removing data in a database can be a full time job with no certain doubts. Whether it's your sales CRM, Excel spreadsheets, or partner lists, our virtual assistants are available to help you out.

Whenever you require a sheer assistance of a virtual assistant at your internet researching panel, GE Solucions always stands by to assist you with its best internet researching specialist; who not only keeps your credible sites with up-to-date information, but also compiles relevant research based on your needs.

Our well experienced virtual assistants will handle your inbound and outbound phone calls as well as inbound email all together in the same web-based agent interface. With Skills-based routing and Queue Prioritization, you can conveniently boost your call center service to boom within a flick!

Our dedicated virtual assistant will help you develop your small business/large business to gain more growth by providing you with the below stated services.

We Offer


At GE Solucions, we understand the importance of your time, that is why our Virtual Assistants execute your non-core activities and free up your time to concentrate on higher value tasks, and this results in better efficiency and higher personal gains for you.

GE Solucions is a full service offshore IT outsourcing solution provider since 2011.

The services are available to our clients worldwide. Currently the services are being offered in English language only.

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$1499/ mo
160 Hour/mo
Valid for 30 days
No sticky contract.
No hidden monthly fee.
Free consultation and setup.
Dedicated, helpful account manager.
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